Various Artists - HIL005
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1. A1 - Robyrt Hecht & Int Main - Waste
2. A2 - Robyrt Hecht & Int Main - Today
3. A3 - Robyrt Hecht & Int Main - Meta-Measure
4. B1 - w1b0 - Small Increments
5. B2 - w1b0 - No Souls Below The Radar

Hilltown Disco

Various Artists - HIL005

Disco are back with another stellar electro EP, this time coming from w1b0, Robyrt Hecht and Int Main.

Yuyay Records boss, Robyrt Hecht teams up with fellow head, Int Main churning out three meaty tracks direct from the heart of Liepzig. Three tracks that are pulsating with raw European-electro vibes, with the finest machine-funk arrangements which is carried on to the B-side with w1b0 offering a more intense package. The Dutch-native delivers his reliable thick sound that we have become so familiar with from many a set from the likes of Helena Hauff and Dave Clark.

Vinyl, 12", EP