Various Artists - Systems E.P. 1
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1. 1 Red Shift - 3rd Moon
2. 2 Red Shift - Audity
3. 3 Red Shift - Himalayas
4. 4 Ether - Detonator
5. 5 Escape Artist - Rain Eternal
6. 6 Constants of Nature - Slow Symmetry Breaking

Various Artists - Systems E.P. 1

Originally released via Terraform Records in 1995, ‘Systems E.P. 1’ was certainly too ahead of its time to meet with success back in the day. That said, as years went by, so swelled the reputation of this sextet of visionary, alien-engineered jams, soon turning the once $1 bin find into a highly sought-after item on the second-hand market. Much to the displeasure of hardline speculators but for the greatest joy of skint ’90s sound lovers, KOC reissues the Systems experience in full force and effect.

Vinyl, 12", Reissue