Various - The Silhouttes Project
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1. A1. Bel Cobai & Lex Amor - At The Bay
2. A2. Manik MC & Elisa Imperilee - July
3. A3. Enny - For South
4. A4. Louis The Hippie - Blessings
5. A5. Summers Sons, Majical & C.Tappin - Free Your Mind
6. A6. KeepVibesNear & Nix Northwest - What U Need
7. A7. Summer-Pearl - Rising
8. B1. Natty Wylah - Eucalyptus
9. B2. Kofi Stone & Joe Beard - Like We Used To
10. B3. Elisa Imperilee - Closer
11. B4. Pedro Retro & Meron T - Standing There
12. B8. Louis The Hippie - Fruits

Melting Pot

Various - The Silhouttes Project

Here is the story of the Silhouettes Project as told by its founders Jaden and Asher: "We started The Silhouettes Project in February 2019, to shine a light on the new generation of underground Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Soul music in the UK. Community is everything to us, and we wanted to show that with a proper support network, access to professional facilities, and the encouragement of a family of artists, our community could produce something incredible. We felt a joint frustration that the current music scene in the UK only had structures in place to support talent of a certain genre whilst overlooking a buzzing alternative Hip-Hop culture.We wanted to unify artists who are making ground-breaking music but who are in need of a solid structure to work within - artists who we felt deserved more recognition. This led us to the name 'The Silhouettes Project', as we wanted to shine a light on those artists in the shadows.

Vinyl, 12", LP