Various - Emotional Listenings Pt. 1 LP
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1. A1. Ottovilleaukusti & Unhumdrum - Pumpuli
2. A2. Hannu Karjalainen - Derek Jarman
3. A3. Kumea Sound - Last Drip (Dub image refix)
4. A4. Roberto Rodriguez - Third Act
5. A5. Satoi - Unohda (Reminisce version)
6. B1. Aleksi Myllykoski Feat. Tapani Rinne - Heimo M (Aim edit)
7. B2. Jesse - Drizzle
8. B3. Sansibar - ISS
9. B4. Imaginary_FRND - Waltz for G.G.
10. B5. Mierka - Ukki


Various - Emotional Listenings Pt. 1 LP

New Finnish imprint VIENO, kicks off with 10 track compilation of Finnish ambient, electronica & experimental music. Selection draws an emotionally infused red line throughout.

”I was just asked what’s my reason to create VIENO and bring out this compilation just now? I’ve been exploring the Finnish urban music and club scene for more than two decades and I recognize the space and craving is now present. Now is the right time to recreate and bring life to this art of subtle melancholy we Finns have always carried deep in us. In a way i´m tryin´to awaken the emotional energy more than just to paint insipid and expectedly ear friendly, atmospheric soundscapes.” - Jaako Hurme

Vinyl, LP, Compilation