Various - Kumo No Muko Vol. 2
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1. A1. Miwako Saito - 12 No Garnet
2. A2. Yoshio Suzuki - Touch Of Rain
3. A3. Ayuo Takahashi - Mizu Iro No Kagami
4. B1. Toru Hatano - Kanki
5. B2. Akira - Essence Of Beauty
6. B3. Osamu Mizukami - Flower Moon
7. C1. Tomoko Yasuno - Sur La Terra
8. C2. Masanori Sasaji - Rune
9. C3. Shi-Shonen - Harvest (Long Size)
10. D1. Flat Face - Hibi No Awa
11. D2. Hiroko Kokubu - Barcarolle
12. D3. Mio Fou - Picasso No Ao

Jazzy Couscous

Various - Kumo No Muko Vol. 2

Jazzy Couscous founder Alixkun comes back with a 2nd volume of "Kumo No Muko", 12 Japanese music gems from the 80s exploring Ambient & Synth-Pop atmospheres. It opens with Miwako Saito's "12 No Garnet", a soft, slow paced and dreamy piece of synth-pop. Following are Yoshio Suzuki's "Touch Of Rain" and Ayuo Takahashi's "Mizu Iro No Kagami", both flirting with Jazz, Ambient & New Age influences. Traces of YMO members can be found with Hosono produced Tomoko Yasuno's "Sur La Terra" & Flat Face's "Hibi No Awa", released on Sakamoto's related label. While going through more exotic vibes with Shi-Shonen's "Harvest (Long Size)", Alixkun doesn't forget more chill out ambiances: Toru Hatano's "Kanki" is a singular mind trip led by a guitar solo a la Pink Floyd. The project closes with Mio Fou's "Picasso No Ao", a moody track illustrated by a combination of acoustic guitar and solo piano.

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