Various - Mixmag Presents The Keyboard Wizards Of Acid House
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1. A1. Adamski - Sunday Nite Confusion
2. A2. Funtopia - Beautiful People (Acid All Day Acid All Night Mix)
3. A3. Mr Monday - Future
4. B1. 808 State - Flow Coma
5. B2. Irresistible Force - Live Jam At The Brain Club
6. B3. Lunarci - Sbassed
7. C1. Audio One - Attack (11 Wardour Street Mix)
8. C2. Nexus 21 - Logical Progression
9. C3. Ramjac - Massif (live At The Brain Club)
10. D1. Altern-8 - Come With Me (Holocaust 7" Edit)
11. D2. Simon Lovejoy - Montmatre
12. D3. Orbital - Son Of Chime (live At The Brain Club)


Various - Mixmag Presents The Keyboard Wizards Of Acid House

When we think of the rise of electronic dance music, especially the raves that blossomed in the late 80s/early 90s, we inevitably think of DJs... but there's another side to that story. Right from the start, live performers were at the heart of things; synth wizards who would plug in and play their analogue kit and send crowds as wild as any DJ. This album, curated by legendary promoter Sean McLusky for Mixmag - the world's biggest dance music and culture brand - showcases some of the most seminal artists from this golden era, led by the original synth wizard Adamski and also featuring seismic rare cuts from Orbital, Nexus 21, 808 State and a whole host more. These artists are the direct ancestors of today's stadium-filling live electronic acts, and it's time their music was celebrated.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Gatefold