Various - Nothing Is Real VA #2 EP

Nothing Is Real

Various - Nothing Is Real VA #2 EP

The second volume of Nothing Is Real’s self-titled compilation builds on their towering reputation as leading lights within the global electronic music community. As the label’s first release distributed by the respected Dutch record label and store Bordello A Parigi, the collection is set to further establish their international presence and spread their eclectic sound far and wide.

Bringing together diverse influences from across the spectrum of electronica and into new wave and ambient music, Nothing Is Real stand at the forefront of modern dance music as sonic innovators that continue to push boundaries with each offering.

Curated by Alberto Iovine and Alessandro Fumagalli, also known under the stage name Modular Project, this four-track collection takes listeners on a journey through the outer atmosphere of techno, expanding and evolving the genre into new forms along the way.

Vinyl, 12", EP