Various - Polybius EP
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1. A1. A1: Prince De Takicardie - L.s.d
2. A2. Prince De Takicardie -...
3. B1. Komponente / Kurilo - It's Alive
4. B2. Komponente / Kurilo - Antagonist


Various - Polybius EP

Mysterious producer Raphael Beneluz, aka Prince de Takicardie, took his pseudonym from the first French anime called “Le Roi et l'oiseau”. In his sound, he constantly tries to discover new facets of techno, filling it with his personality. In just a year, he has released three releases, including the "Matrix Computer Poetry" EP on the German Twig, "A Man's Hurt" EP on the Lumbago from Lyon and "P" on the British Cartulis Music. Component and Kurilo were preparing their debut live and were in search of a new sound, so the record has absorbed many elements from different genres. A and B sides are completely different, but they are one in the atmospheric flow. Each track has its own idea and purpose for the dance floor, it's up to you to choose. The artwork for the release was created by the designer Dima Phase.

Vinyl, 12", EP