Various - Sofa So Far


Various - Sofa So Far

Fresh of their most busy year actively djing in Milan and across Europe, Ayce Bio, Turenne and Borbo are ready to launch a new Ep: One track each + a Remix by Bologna’s finest producer and vinyl collector DJ Rou.

Mixed and mastered by Reel Mastering, distributed by Rubadub Uk.

Funclab records runs a monthly show on Rocket Radio and a club night at Apollo club, inviting al- ways different dj’s and producers to share the decks with them, among others they played with San Proper, Boo Williams, Eclair Fifi and Pangea.

After the first release “House al dente”, they spent one month during the summer touring with a van around Europe to promote the vinyl, going to their favourite radios and vinyl stores to bring it personally, ending at Barrakud festival in Croatia in front of two thousand people with a dj set and set design.

The collective is the real strength behind the newborn record label, collaborating with a lot of local producers they’re always working on new things, in the next few months they are going to release also a various and other two eps.

Vinyl, 12", EP