Veggie Grooves – Jeep Warehouse Beats Vol 1

Super Doppler Communications

Veggie Grooves – Jeep Warehouse Beats Vol 1


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Originally released in 1993 by Hani AlBader on his first label Super Doppler Communications. It was primitively programed on 8track sequencer then recorded on a 4 track tape machine in his spare bedroom studio in Denver, Colorado. Only 300 hundred copies were pressed initially. It was not an easy record to sell to distributors at the time due to the various genres & sounds on it. One of those receiving promo was DJ Dubfire whom at the time was starting as Deep Dish. One morning in spring of 93’ Hani received a phone call from Ali Shirazinia aka Dubfire who was full of compliments & requested similar tracks for his label. 26 years later Hani’s name became internationally known & till this day continues to produce & remix under many aliases while running his own label Soterios Records.

In 2017 Hani started receiving several purchase requests from seekers of this record. Jeep Warehouse Beats Vol:1 is now in high demand among techno / rave fans and some deejays are offering up to $110 per copy.  Unfortunately it’s out of stock but due to the surge of interest by deejays and collectors Jeep Warehouse Beats is back!

Hani also found buried deep in the vault an unreleased Jeep Warehouse Beats Vol:2 plus an extended version of the mainly requested track 1 on B-side called Vector Selector that will be released on future Jeep Warehouse Beats Vol: 1.5 with some help from Synchrophone in France. Here’s a quote from the info sheet included in all promo mail-outs back in 1993.

“The Super Doppler Communications laboratory is the brainchild of Hani - technics technician extraordinary Hani takes no shorts on the beats. He deals with compounds and elements from the periodic table of dance. House, techno, trance, garage, and funk groove can be expected to ooze from the test tube. SDC has been experimenting with the innovative styles of Burrito revolution, veggie tracks and the erotic magic of Miles Blacklove. SDC is a mile above sea level. All music is the property of the universe."

Vinyl, 12", EP, Reissue

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