Vesu's (Aka Vesa-Matti) - List Of Lizards EP
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1. A1 Red-eyed Wood Lizard (w/ Masi on djembe)
2. A2 Seven-lined Ameiva
3. A3 Tree Runner
4. B1 Wandering Grass Lizard
5. B2 Solitary Anole
6. B3 Bogota Anadia

Going Good

Vesu's (Aka Vesa-Matti) - List Of Lizards EP

Vesa-Matti Kivioja has been making waves as an integral part of the multi-faceted Ljudverket & Meltdown Deejays crews in his native Finland for many years. His productions merge 80's ambient & library stylings with John Hassell-esque soundscaping, live percussions and vintage drum-computer programming drenched in fathoms deep kaleidoscopic dubbing and mixing. This particular EP is all of the above, the sound of rural Western Finland thawing after the hard-bitten winter months, each track inspired by Kivioja's fascination with various species of lizard, hence the EP & track titles.

Vinyl, 12", EP