Vidal Benjamin - Pop Sympathie 2LP
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1. A1. Cecilia - Si Me Olvidas
2. A2. Electropic - Cine Cha Cha Cha
3. A3. Laurent Stopnicki - Amour Fonctionnel
4. A4. Zig Zag - Ca S'Arrange Pas
5. B1. Bisou - Marre D'Aimer
6. B2. Milpattes - Je Vais Danser
7. B3. Janou - Demodee
8. C1. Martin Circus - Bains-Douches
9. C2. Sonia - J'Sais Plus Ou J'En Suis
10. C3. Fabienne Stoko - Poupee
11. C4. Anne Lorric - Delivrez-Moi
12. D1. Yogo - Reve De Star (I:Cube Dreamy Edit)


Vidal Benjamin - Pop Sympathie 2LP

Any historians keen on the subject of "French youth in the 1980s" are holding a treasure in their hands. As a true archaeologist of this decade dedicated to disposable culture, digger-in-chief Vidal Benjamin with his newest compilation, 'Pop Sympathie', offers them a unique journey in the heart of the cyclone of emotions that struck all teenagers during the first seven years of François Mitterrand's mandate. Fifteen musical nuggets, exhumed from the dungeons of history, each and every one of them teaching us about what really obsessed the youngsters at that exact moment, i.e. what happens when the city lights come on at dusk, when irrepressible urges that stir them to get lost even more appear until the end of the night.

The artists gathered here did not have the honour of breaking into the local charts, but they all individually reached for the sky. Each song of 'Pop Sympathie' tells more or less the same story: that of a girl who throws herself into the night like one immerses one's self into the void, who rushes into a one-night adventure to become a star. And too bad if in the early morning she finds herself back at square one. In all these miniature odysseys there is neon lights, lasers, smoke machines, broken glass on checkered tiles, strangers on leather benches, celebrities in the bathrooms, stolen kisses, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, Polaroids, venetian blinds and radioactive tubes.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold