Views - Kyoto Love EP
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1. A1 - Kyoto Love
2. A2 - Go Well (Part 2)
3. B1 - Kimura
4. B2 - Systems (Last Mix)

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Garage Hermetique

Views - Kyoto Love EP

Garage Hermétique, returns with a new EP of music from Views, presenting the ‘Kyoto Love’ EP. An alias of Atilla Fidan - producer & live performer, founder of the Berlin label Tape Archive, and also known for releases as Waitress/ASWA - each of the four tracks hits a naturalistic groove driven by vintage Chicago-esque rhythms and warm, acidic tones.

On opening and title-track ‘Kyoto Love’, charming bird song flourishes into a rubbery bassline. ‘Go Well (Part 2)’ embarks on a similar tip, before loosening up into a soaring, somewhat new-age atmosphere, while never sacrificing it’s watertight drums.

On the flip, ‘Kimura’ and ‘Systems (Last Mix)’ move in deeper directions still; The former is a sparkling, detailed cut that rolls out nocturnal dance floor depth, while the latter rounds off the release with transcendent choral breaks.

Vinyl, 12", EP