Viscardi & Alano Santo - Il Sogno Di Carmen
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1. A1 - Biologa Urbana
2. A2 - Ulan Batie
3. B1 - Prân Nath Rhône
4. B2 - Canto Uno – Vivere Domani
5. B3 - Il Sogno Di Carmen

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Viscardi & Alano Santo - Il Sogno Di Carmen

Recorded mostly as a live-jam, august 2019, Il Sogno di Carmen is the result of a solitary producer meeting a nomad musician, Viscardi & Alano Santo. A brand new friendship. From there, the duo leads us to a spontaneous and fragile vacation story that yet manages to frame, with a sometimes mischievous accuracy, the current Genevan musical spirit : experimental, sincere, hybrid and hot.

Vinyl, 12", EP