Vox Populi! - Alternatif Realisme
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1. A1. Letsam La
2. A2. Chaque Jour Est Un Bon Jour
3. A3. Soleymani Dub
4. A4. Sunshine Boy & The Time Keeper
5. A5. Chapati Train
6. A6. Tu Renverses Encore!
7. A7. Getting To Know The Moon
8. B1. Au Dessus De La Falaise
9. B2. Razaye Axel Jube Hast
10. B3. Vapanda's Electric Garden
11. B4. She Walks So Easily Across The Sky
12. B5. Chirine

Emotional Rescue

Vox Populi! - Alternatif Realisme

Emotional Rescue completes its trilogy exploring the music of Vox Populi with Alternatif Realisme. Highlighting the music that followed 1989's Aither (ERC030) as they transitioned from ethno-industrial roots towards a more expressive "world" sound, until the band's dislocation in 1994.

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