Vtgnike - Steals LP
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1. 1. Vechermix
2. 2. Sentimental Geometry
3. 3. Sweep
4. 4. Sausemix
5. 5. VVK
6. 6. Nervnii RnB
7. 7. Can’t Tell
8. 8. Slowshit
9. 9. Primechord

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Vtgnike - Steals LP

LP vtgnike is danil avramov, born in Vladimir,russia. started actively making music in 2010 after moving to moscow. after releasing couple of eps under different monikers, got a few vtgnike d.i.y. cds(one of those probably got into nico’s ears in NY) i’ve got beautifull DUBNA LP on other people(yes really still think its a great record) and few month after its release got in jail because of drug charges dated 2009. long story here. im 100% on weed legalization and decriminalization of other drugs in a logically gentle and mentally stable sociaty(and the world is not equal, its diversed and i respect all non violent cultures :-). got free in 2016(THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED AND NICO) and got another album with a gostzvuk fam. i am a proud resident of NII club. in producing i’ve been switching music genres all my life ) electronic music that has a flow in it, dosnt need to be glued to any specific range of bpm, etc.

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