Waajeed ‎- Ten Toes Down EP
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1. A1. Heavy (Feat Candi Lindsey)
2. A2. Heavy (Instrumental)
3. B1. Deeper Into Blue (Feat Candi Lindsey)
4. B2. Too Black

Dirt Tech Reck

Waajeed ‎- Ten Toes Down EP

Detroit mainstay Waajeed is back on the case with another heavyweight slab for his Dirt Tech Reck label. "Heavy" pulls no punches - this track is peak time soul music turned up to 11 not least thanks to Wu-Tang songstress Blue Raspberry under alias Candi Lindsey's staggering diva vocal. The track also comes in instrumental form, but trust us and reach for the vocal to send a crowd into rapture. Lindsey returns on "Deeper Into Blue", another sprightly house cut with melancholy and hope in equal measure. "Too Black" rounds the EP off with a twitching broken beat groove that speaks to Waajeed's accomplished history in the truly soulful end of contemporary club music.

Vinyl, 12", EP