Warzou - J'irais dormir chez Mouss 7"
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1. A. J'irais dormir chez Mouss
2. B. Big Boy

Warzou - J'irais dormir chez Mouss 7"

After several apparitions of the modern electronic scene, Warzou strikes again, here on the Lyon based Mystery Booms Records for a détour dub called "J'irai dormir chez Mouss"! Tripping to a digi-dub exercice with two silent and ritual songs, from aerian flutes to pop arrangements composed with cheap instruments, including an MPC 2000, keyboard Casio VZ-1, Digital Delay and Mother Reverb. Tribute to the old way with this futil contemporary feeling! Expected red eyes' soundboys tunes to play them loud on your system!

Vinyl, 7", EP