Xpansions - Move Your Body (Elevation) (Krystal Klear / Loods / Rebūke Remixes)
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1. A1. Move Your Body (Elevate) (Krystal Klear Remix)
2. A2. Move Your Body (Elevate) (Original Club Mix)
3. B1. Move Your Body (Elevate) (Loods Remix)
4. B2. Move Your Body (Elevate) (Rebūke Remix)

Food Music

Xpansions - Move Your Body (Elevation) (Krystal Klear / Loods / Rebūke Remixes)

Food Music is massively privileged to officially bring you Xpansions “Move Your Body”, as the next instalment of Shadow Child’s ‘Curated by’ series. With all manner of DJs reaching for the original 1990 hit still to this day, we’ve remastered it exclusively to vinyl and brought you fully official reworks from today’s elite. Using original salvaged parts from the Xpansions vaults, we have remixes from Krystal Klear, Rebūke, and Loods who all bring a fresh take as we enter summer 2019. Krystal Klear heads up the mix package, taking us into electronic bliss with his sublimely fresh synth stabs and a huge breakdown that will tease all your senses. Rebūke’s massive techno twister is set for the big rooms too, with a new riff following the bassline melody, trippy vocal production, rolling percussion and his trademark crescendo’s. Finally, Loods takes us on a retro house tip with pulsating hi-hats and a new take on the melody with bumping bassline’s and energy.

Vinyl, 12", EP