Yssue - Naturalist EP
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1. A1. Commander
2. A2. Downsampled doesn't mean dead
3. A3. Lust
4. B1. Downsampled doesn't mean dead (Ayaz Remix)
5. B2. Lust (Dj PG Remix)

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Yssue - Naturalist EP

After he featured on Various #2, the Russian artist Yssue is back on KUMP with three, slightly incantational, Industrial/Tribalistic tracks.

In this EP, Dmitry Nekrotkov explores Nature and expresses his vision of the bonds which Mankind shares with It. What's more? Two remixes. Ayaz, an artist from Azerbaidjan and founder of the Yalanci label, delivered a Dub-Techno remix which will turn your brain upside down before chopping it in tiny bits.

The second remix was made by the Duo DJ PG, from Lauzanne (Switzerland). The two pals, both members of the group "La Sacree Deter" revisited the track "Lust" adding a Psyche-dubik touch to it. Perfect for a matinee on your sofa.

"My music is often a reflection of the state in which I am at a certain period of my life, since I grew up from a musical punk scene, this often involves a certain set of means of expression. In essence, I am in an endless struggle to express some quite lively and human emotions through the cold and artificial world of electronic sounds. That is why there is a lot of melody and sometimes even drama in my music, and this is why I'm often got bored with a static music. This EP is called "Naturalist", a terms that defines a person who has devoted his life to the study of nature and its kingdoms. This directly relates to my strong belief that the further society advances, the more people are losing touch with nature, something that is real and to which they all belong." - Dmitry Nekrotkov.

Vinyl, 12", EP