Yves Tomas - Pilot EP
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1. A1 - Brain Dead
2. A2 - MA1
3. A3 - River
4. B1 - Elephant & Snake
5. B2 - Callout FM
6. B3 - Pilot


Yves Tomas - Pilot EP

Exciting new producer Yves Tomas releases on Rekids with ‘Pilot EP’ this May - a bold and versatile debut release exhibiting the artist’s broad range of influences.

Hailing from London but with roots in Bristol, Yves Tomas is a producer, vocalist and DJ brought up in the centre of UK club music. Since experimenting with music through his childhood and early teens he’s gone on to become an engineer, working in studios alongside some of the biggest names in grime and pop music. This has led to him developing his own unique style of electronic music as a reactionary expression to working in the meat grinder culture of mainstream music. He now joins Radio Slave's Rekids - a label known and respected for discovering many luminary figures in electronic music.

Vinyl, 12", EP