Zepherin Saint - Resurrection EP
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1. A1 - Resurrect My Feeling
2. A2 - Escape (88 Dub)
3. B - Escape

Visions Recordings

Zepherin Saint - Resurrection EP

The ep  begins with “ Resurrect my feeling “, a dub vocal house jam that is slowly bulding to reach an intense peak with a mix of new and old synths and a funky groove that  will make you sweat and dance all night long . In the meantime, listening is also an option because Zepherin knows his music and the sounds and the arrangements are just amazing to dive into.

“Escape” and “Escape dub 88” are the same track with different arrangements and sounds , one being obviously more dubby and moodier, the other more musical and sunnier.

Vinyl, 12", EP