Zwartwerk - Zwartwerk Edits #001 [Ltd. 200 Copies]
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1. A1 Tighten Up
2. A2 Stop & Bo
3. B1 Master Blaster

Zwartwerk - Zwartwerk Edits #001 [Ltd. 200 Copies]

Zwartwerk are a trio from the south of the Netherlands that has been hosting a succesful club night for two years in their hometown Tilburg and regularly play festivals in the region. Their trademark sound is a combination of hidden funk and soul gems, nu-disco, and world music. Their self-released EP covers exactly this, starting off with a re-edited and remastered version of a hard to find early seventies cover of the Archie Bell-classic Tighten Up, including some crazy drum breaks. Also on the A-side is a housed up disco tune from an often overlooked LP of a famous drummer gone producer - ready to mix and set the night on fire. On the B-side you’ll find a forgotten eighties afro club classic that deserves a rebound on current dancefloors. Zwartwerk add just the few smart touches here and there to re-energize the tune and put its jawdropping hook in great effect. All of this excellently mastered and cut to wax for your convenience.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release, Stamped