Deep House

Klarky Cat - Gumbo (PRE-ORDER)
JJ Mortie - Peach (PRE-ORDER)
Automatic Tasty - A Farewell To Reason (PRE-ORDER)
Ian Blevins - Away From The Hammock District EP (PRE-ORDER)
Soofle - Nouveau EP (PRE-ORDER)
Prunk - Through The Walls EP
Da Rebels - House Nation Under A Groove / It's Time To Jack (PRE-ORDER)
Izmo - Where Is Eddie? EP (PRE-ORDER)
Housey Doings - Brothers (PRE-ORDER)
LNR - Work It To The Bone
Thompson & Lenoir - Can't Stop The House
Retromigration - Green Light EP (PRE-ORDER)
Marshall Jefferson / Jungle Wonz - Vibe Three / Human Condition (PRE-ORDER)
Mike Huckaby - Baseline 87 10
Delano Smith - Shades Of Detroit [2xEP] (Sushitech 15th Anniversary Reissue) (PRE-ORDER)
Misiu - Heads High EP (PRE-ORDER)
John Beltran - Best & Remixed (PRE-ORDER)
Various - TR4R 02 (PRE-ORDER)
Phonique - Moon Moods (PRE-ORDER)
Nico Lahs - Visions (PRE-ORDER)
Ruutu Poiss - Untitled (PRE-ORDER)
Scotch - Jam Alley / Bafana Bafana (PRE-ORDER)
Alex Kassian - Oolong Trance (PRE-ORDER)
Anonymous Caller - Cuatro Leches EP (PRE-ORDER)
Elements of Life - Elements of Life [2xLP] (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Ian F & Fernando Costantini - Combination EP (PRE-ORDER)
DJ Silver - LCR003 EP [Ltd. 150 Copies] (PRE-ORDER)
Rossella - Lecca Lecca (PRE-ORDER)
DJ Rahaan & DJ Darryn Jones - The Chi-Jigs Vol. 1 (PRE-ORDER)
Unknown - Ron’s Reworks Vol.3 (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Boof - Rebirth Of Gerberdaisy [2xLP] (PRE-ORDER)
Kassian - 8th Movement EP (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Computer Data -  Seele EP (PRE-ORDER)
Sol Power All-Stars - Lomé Connections in Hi-Fi
Innocent Soul - Poison EP (PRE-ORDER)
Max In The World - Radiant City EP (PRE-ORDER)
Various - When The Sun Goes Down... 01 (PRE-ORDER)
Astratto & Brine - Break It Down
Frank Spirit & Keys Of Lynx - Spirits (w/ Glenn Underground Remix) (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Patrick Gibin & Kaidi Tatham ft. Josh Milan - Love To The World (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Long Island Sound - Nowhere But Here EP (PRE-ORDER)
Prins Thomas - Traens [2xLP] (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Various - Wax Weapons 3 (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Blue Boy - Remember Me (Remixes) (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
DJ Balduin - Bauhaus Diaries EP (PRE-ORDER)
Kush Jones - S/T (PRE-ORDER)
Various - CARE4LIFE Sampler 1
Various - CARE4LIFE Sampler 2
Interstate - WXTFX010
Unknown - Summer Daze
Black Loops - I Know You EP (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Various -  Nu Groove Records Classics Volume 2 [2xLP] (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Liberty City - Some Lovin' (White Vinyl)
Reese - Just Want Another Chance (Clear Vinyl)
Omar S - Fuck Resident Advisor [2xLP]
Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut (ft. B.Slade) - Get Over U
DJ Soch - The Power Of Poetry (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Earth Boys - Earth Tones LP [2xLP] (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Oden & Fatzo - Spaceship For Sale (PRE-ORDER)
Okinawa Delays - I Can’t Sleep (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Loure - Outta 106 (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Koehler - Light Magic b/w The Grand Illusion
Alps 2 / Simona Drive - The Burnt EP (PRE-ORDER)
Cristy Paris - Kaskadeur #4
Biodive - COY001
The Pilotwings - Une Nuit au Boxboys (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Versatile Dub Gems #1 (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Robert P presents: Dusty Tapes EP (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Aes / Armless Kid - Share The Wax EP (PRE-ORDER)
Jay Daniel - SSD EP (PRE-ORDER)
Mr. G - Positive Connection EP (PRE-ORDER)
Dirtytwo - The Master Series 07 (PRE-ORDER)
Peven Everett - Feelin Who You Are (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Logic - The Warning / The Final Frontier (White Vinyl Repress)
Daino - Crescendo
Unknown Artist - VWV004 (PRE-ORDER)
Joe Corti & Madcat - Pusic Records 012
Aubrey - The 90's Projects Vol. 1 (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Volupté Amère (PRE-ORDER)
Georges - S/T
Bump - I’m Rushing
Together Trax - Celebrate / Ain't Nothin' Wrong (PRE-ORDER)
Black Rox - Black Rox 5 (PRE-ORDER)
Viscardi & Alano Santo - Il Sogno Di Carmen (PRE-ORDER)
JiMMi Hendrik & MARIA Die RUHE - Don’t Be Careful EP
DeRijk / Soul Wun - 13th Hour Vol. 5
Böhm - Beach Life EP
Longhair - Heatwave EP
Rheji Burrell Presents: New York House'n Aut - Out Of Body