Deep House

Librah - My Love Is 4ever (Transparent Vinyl Repress] (PRE-ORDER)
Various Artists - Good Vibrations, Vol. 1 (PRE-ORDER)
Adham Zahran - Unfathomable Occasion EP (PRE-ORDER)
Earth Boys Release - Automatic EP (PRE-ORDER)
Tom Vernon Release - Amber Fade EP [White Vinyl] (PRE-ORDER)
Greymatter & Black Fan - Tesla / Cuttlefish 7
Rick Wade - Late Night Basix Vol.2 (PRE-ORDER)
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Aleqs Notal / Jose Rico / Ewan Jansen / David Swatten - Various Vol 4 (feat Life Recorder, Leonid, Nail & John Beltran remixes) [2xLP] (PRE-ORDER)
Dreamatic - I Can Feel It / Audiotrip [Orange Vinyl Reissue] (PRE-ORDER)
V.A. - DSR House Ep 2 (PRE-ORDER)
Conclave - Perdon: The Louie Vega Remixes [Clear Vinyl Repress] (PRE-ORDER)
Crackazat - Period Works Album Sampler (PRE-ORDER)
Zeitgeist Freedon Eanergy Exchange + Wayne Snow - Kruzeberg Kix EP 1 (Inc. GE-OLOGY Remix) (PRE-ORDER)
DJ Kemit & Luke Austin present The Lounge Lizards - Detroit Boogie E.P. (PRE-ORDER)
Unitedsoul - Expansions EP (PRE-ORDER)
Sofatalk / Last Nubian - White Pt. V (PRE-ORDER)
Zakem - Save Me EP (PRE-ORDER)
Valentino Mora / Yoshitake Expe - Astrometric Effect (PRE-ORDER)
Saidêra - Deixa Tudo Fluir (Ray Mang Remixes) (PRE-ORDER)
Various Artists - United EP (PRE-ORDER)
Harley&Muscle feat. Robert Owens - Won't Go Back (PRE-ORDER)
Dan Piu - Mother's Love EP (PRE-ORDER)
Unknown - Vol 2
Lootbeg - Tryfan [Yellow Vinyl] (PRE-ORDER)
Athlete Whippet - Vesta (PRE-ORDER)
Unknown - Men Of Culture (PRE-ORDER)
Ricky Razu - Power Of Love (PRE-ORDER)
[ØNE+1] & Camilo Gil - Le Matin EP (PRE-ORDER)
Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable - Te Puke Thunder EP (PRE-ORDER)
*NO SOUND CLIPS* Jacques Renault - Sky Islands LP [Blue Vinyl] (PRE-ORDER)
Sune - Everything Is Fine LP (PRE-ORDER)
Westcoast Goddess - U Up?
Various Artists (Agnes / Iron Curtis) - 15 Years Of Hudd Traxx : Here & Now Part 2 (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Felipe Gordon - Sincopa Liquida EP
Various Artists - Your Daily Dose Of Dope (PRE-ORDER)
Guydee - Hidden (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Good For Dance (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Cruise Music Vinyl Jams Vol 4 (PRE-ORDER)
Naduve - Hypogeum (PRE-ORDER)
Nonna Fab - Close Encounters (PRE-ORDER)
Shungu & Dreamcast - Temptation
Trinidadian Deep - Dub Rockas EP
Jon Dixon - The New Tomorrow EP (SHIPPING NEXT WEEK)
Lis Sarroca - No Wait EP
Various Artists - PNP 001 [Green Vinyl Repress]
Felipe Gordon - A Landscape Onomatopeya LP [2xLP]
Seven Davis Jr - One EP (Special Edition) (PRE-ORDER)
DJOKO - Ventura
Mameen 3 / Dea - West & East Vol 1 (PRE-ORDER)
Risqué - Essence Of A Dream
Kyle Hall - MPC Dreams
Groove Boys Project - Studio 937 Cuts (SHIPPING NEXT WEEK)
Mystigrix & Reo Seis ft Paris Brightledge - Mile High Remixes EP
Jovonn - Indoors EP (PRE-ORDER)
Aili X Transistorcake - Dansu EP (PRE-ORDER)
Larry De Kat - Radio K-Nip 4.20FM
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Gordon Koang - Y Dah / South Sudan (Inc. Sleep D & Andras Remixes)
Last Nubian - Ghetto Child EP
Guy Gerber & Dixon - No Distance (incl. Lake People Remix)
Guy Gerber - Secret Encounters
Snips - Nutty Squirrel Edits 7
Artwork - Searching EP (PRE-ORDER)
Felipe Gordon - Django Mango (PRE-ORDER)
Delphi - Clutch Play (PRE-ORDER)
*NO SOUNDCLIPS* DJ Pope / The Funkhut All Stars ft. Kenny Wesley - Listen Love (PRE-ORDER)
Planisphere - Heart Over Mind EP (PRE-ORDER)
Various - One Swallow Doesn’t Make A Summer Part 3
Dreamatic - I Can Feel It / Audiotrip [Orange Vinyl Reissue] (PRE-ORDER)
Böhm - Metropolitan EP
Jeremy - Ascentic Rhodes (PRE-ORDER)
Nebraska - Your Love Is True EP (PRE-ORDER)
Bent - Friends (Remixes) (PRE-ORDER)
Soulphiction - What What EP (PRE-ORDER)
Unknown Artist - House Be Good To Me + Unreleased (PRE-ORDER)
Fred P - Private Society Vol.1 (SHIPPING NEXT WEEK)
Elements of Life - Eclipse (Part One) [2xLP]
Conclave - Perdon: The Louie Vega Remixes
Talaboman - Discodrums / Flashforward (PRE-ORDER)
Fred Everything - Barbarella 10
Mood II Swing - Scenic Route [White Vinyl Repress]
François K. - FK EP [White Vinyl Repress]
Signal St - Zapoi¨ and other dysfunctional love stories, closing the Loops (PRE-ORDER)
I:Cube - Cubo Live Sessions Volume 2
Dawn Richard - Second Line
Laurence Guy - Mutual Excitement Is A Wonderful Thing (PRE-ORDER)
Shamis & Rebiere - Rock It For Ya / Shake It Off [Ltd. 150 Copies]
Session Victim - Two Crowns EP
Various - SNGWAX 01
SP39 - Hey Man (Listen To God) (PRE-ORDER)