Deep House

Skymaster - Disco Trippin (PRE-ORDER)
Dan Wild - Late Night Traffic EP (PRE-ORDER)
Seb Wildblood - Hazy House EP (PRE-ORDER)
Various - INEX010 3 Years Anniversary [2xLP] (PRE-ORDER)
Rhythm Plate - It's Not An Album It's A Doublepack EP [2xLP] (PRE-ORDER)
Caserta - Marvin (PRE-ORDER)
Saison / N You Up - NFRV 005 (PRE-ORDER)
Vincent Floyd / Brad P - Various Vol 3 (PRE-ORDER)
Thatmanmonkz - Them Thangs EP (PRE-ORDER)
Omar Santis - Thursday Night Funktion (PRE-ORDER)
Various - NSD004 (PRE-ORDER)
Mood II Swing - Move Me EP [Ltd. Clear Vinyl] (PRE-ORDER)
Henrik Schwarz - Together EP (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Mr. Fingers - Washing Machine [Ltd. Red Vinyl - 300 Copies Only] (PRE-ORDER)
Yukihiro Fukutomi - It's About Time
V/A - The Evolution Phase One (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Janeret - Olympus (PRE-ORDER)
Pejzaz - Blues (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Mémoires d'Éléphant #3 [2xLP] (PRE-ORDER)
Various - SHOUTS Vol.1
Kiwi - Charlie’s New Vision (PRE-ORDER)
Bep Kororoti & Akin - Love Is The Only Way (PRE-ORDER)
Zombies In Miami - 2712 LP (PRE-ORDER)
Humble B Flat - Harnessed The Wind EP (PRE-ORDER)
Theo Kottis - Nothing To Lose (PRE-ORDER)
Chez Damier - Untitled (KMS049) [Ltd. 300 Copies Yellow Vinyl Repress] (PRE-ORDER)
Chez Damier - Can U Feel It? [Ltd. 300 Copies Clear Vinyl Repress] (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Unknown Artist - QC Passed 2 (PRE-ORDER)
Tour-Maubourg - Duophonie EP (PRE-ORDER)
Meowsn’ - Stages EP (PRE-ORDER)
KEARL (aka. K15 & Earl Jeffers) - KEARL (PRE-ORDER)
Brad P - Plant Life & Machine Learning (PRE-ORDER)
Various - 001 (PRE-ORDER)
Nico Lahs - Freedom [2xLP] (PRE-ORDER)
Pilgrims Of The Mind - Elsewhere: Further Excursions (1994-95) (PRE-ORDER)
Moon King - Voice of Lovers (SOBO Mixes) (PRE-ORDER)
Rampa - Version (PRE-ORDER)
Das Komplex - Reverse Hallucination (PRE-ORDER)
Nine-tails - Nine-tails EP (PRE-ORDER)
Shoebox - Shoebox 4 (PRE-ORDER)
Red D - Red Basics 1 & 2 (PRE-ORDER)
Wolfey - Powell St. Blues (PRE-ORDER)
Boo Williams - Night Heat EP (PRE-ORDER)
The Italian Stallion - Sunshine After The Storm (PRE-ORDER)
Norma Jean Bell - Got Me a Mann / Libre Comme un Oiseau (PRE-ORDER)
Kempston Hardwick - Nostalgia For Unity EP (PRE-ORDER)
Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Wesseltoft - In Spite Of Everything
Hidden Spheres - 1985 (PRE-ORDER)
2shy - Night Conclusion EP (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Close Counters - Refractions EP (PRE-ORDER)
Various Artists - Four Seasons Series EP 1 [Ltd. 300 Copies] (PRE-ORDER)
Marshall Jefferson - The House Music Anthem (Red Vinyl Repress)
Paradise City Breakers - Paradise City Breakers EP (PRE-ORDER)
Slim Steve - I Do It
Dub Striker - Birds Of A Feather (PRE-ORDER)
Various Artists - For The Love EP
Gunnter - CDA EP (PRE-ORDER)
The P.J. Project / Glenn Underground - Chicago Jack Track Edition & Chicago's Anthem
DJ Steaw - West Side EP
Joe Lewandowski - Egosexual
Lars Bartkhun - Human
Jon Dixon - Times of Change (PRE-ORDER)
Q Base - Atmosphere E.P. Vol. Ii (PRE-ORDER)
Various - Club 1
Dan Electro - Let Them Come (Remixes)
Ranga - Konga EP (PRE-ORDER)
LOR - Versions 1 [1 Per Customer]
Nature Boy - Lost And Found (1994-1999) (PRE-ORDER)
Politics Of Dancing / Djebali / Terence Terry / Stephan Bazbaz - KMRDS 001 (PRE-ORDER)
Angel A - Let Go (Kai Alce & Reekee Mixes)
Lars Bartkuhn - Losttracks Vol.2 (PRE-ORDER)
Black Loops - Give Trance A Chance EP
Cody Currie & Joel Holmes - Metropolis (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Various - Top Pocket II
Louie Vega - Expansions In The NYC - Preview EP 2
Butch / Bryan Kessler / Nandu / Various Artists - Secret Weapons Part 12 [4xLP] (PRE-ORDER)
Yasuko Agawa - Lowdown
Rhythm Of Paradise - Pleasure Zone (PRE-ORDER)
Bassa Clan / DJ Cream / Dumbo Beat / Jackie - Bolo Represent 004 (PRE-ORDER)
Timeline - The Conscious Dream EP
Mount Liberation Unlimited - MLU Private Press #1
Politics Of Dancing - Politics Of Dancing X Okain & Rowlanz (PRE-ORDER)
Oceanic - Yellow Cone
Tech Support - SHDW007
Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes - Want You In My Soul (SHIPPING THIS WEEK)
Lazare Hoche / Malin Genie - Deep Again (PRE-ORDER)
Laurence Guy - The Sun Is Warm And Directly Above You EP
A² & Stopouts - Go With the Flo EP
DJ Hedonist - EP#1 (PRE-ORDER)
Simba - Box Room Perspective EP