Various - Stability / Walk With Jah - Vinyl Record

Various - Stability / Walk With Jah

LABEL:   Akashic Records

ARTISTS: Akae Beka, Noel Zebulon, Fikir Amlak
RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-12
FORMAT: 10" Vinyl
GENRE: Reggae, Dub

Two new vocals and dubs on the legendary 'Crucial' riddim by Noel Zebulon which was popularized by Jah Shaka in sound system sessions from the 1990's until now. In collaboration with Ini Oneness, Ras Muffet gives expert dub treatment to the vocal and dub mixes. Since its release in May 2019, these songs have been played around the world and have been critically acclaimed in the genre.

With over 70 album credits to his name, Akae Beka is a once-in-a-generation Rasta visionary vocalist. His poetry, flow, lyrical content is without comparison. A rising star, Fikir Amlak is hard at work building his catalog of music and touring the world. Released courtesy of Akashic Records.

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