Alienage - Gargoyle Records Classics Part 2

Holding Hands Records

Alienage - Gargoyle Records Classics Part 2

Back once again. This one is coming live and direct from Baltimore in the mid 90s. It is the second and final part of the Gargoyle Classics reissues and it’s packed full of juicy juicy dance floor goodness. As with the previous Gargoyle record it is raw as they come. Hitting hard whilst feeling totally impromptu and freestyled as well.

Two of the tracks are reissues from Tony & Don’s Gargoyle imprint and two of them, just like last time are never before released tracks written during the same period. Ten After 3 and Do You Believe (Space Evader Mix) are both ridiculously huge and I’m gassed outta my miiiiiind to bring them to the table for public consumption for the first time.

OK enough of my blather. Go and listen to the damn things yourself and decide if you like them, rather than trying to work it out from reading a bloody press release you weirdos.

All four tracks are produced and sculpted for the club. They want big sound systems and dark rooms.

Close your eyes, hold hands and experience transcendental space flight...

Vinyl, 12", EP