Kartell - Daybreak EP - Vinyl Record

Kartell - Daybreak EP

LABEL:   Roche Musique

Daybreak is a journey through an everlasting sunset, a pause on it's lights and colors. Produced between Paris and London from 2018 to 2020, this 6 tracks EP opens a new chapter for Kartell, with warm and nostalgic accents.

Timeless and soulful, the project tells our relations with memories and how we travel through them. The DX7 synth and warm tape processing was a key feature during the creative process to catch the essence of how souvenirs swings in our minds.


A1 - Silver Screen
A2 - All in (ft. Che Lingo)
A3 - Time (ft. Qendresa & Coops)
B2 - Stay (ft. Tim Atlas)
B3 - Crossing Paths (ft. SG Lewis)

Vinyl, 12", LP + Booklet

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