Laurence Guy - Mutual Excitement Is A Wonderful Thing - Vinyl Record

Laurence Guy - Mutual Excitement Is A Wonderful Thing

LABEL:   Shall Not Fade

Laurence Guy returns to Shall Not Fade with his much-anticipated third EP, adding to last year's massively successful "The Sun Is Warm and Directly Above You" and "Your Good Times Will Come". The London-based producer has amassed a global audience of listeners, all united in their appreciation for his luscious, upbeat house music and an outstanding discography of releases via imprints like: Ninja Tune, Late Night Tales, Studio Barnhus and Mule Musique. While still unmistakably Laurence Guy's signature style of delicately constructed, sample-heavy dance music, this EP carries a sombre note, reflective of the confusing times in which it was made.

Yellow Vinyl, 12", EP

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