Lloyd Stellar / The Droid - Rise Of The Machines - Vinyl Record

Lloyd Stellar / The Droid - Rise Of The Machines

LABEL:   20/20 Vision

ARTISTS: Lloyd Stellar, The Droid
RELEASE DATE: 2022-02-18
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Electro

Lloyd Stellar X The Droid - Rise of theAMachines is an exciting debut collaboration between Erik Griffioen & Ben Evans.AAn impressive maxi EP, loaded with cutting edge electro brimmingAwith musicality, sound design and expert production.A

Kicking off the release comes theAtitle track 'Rise Of The Machines', this quirky yet nuanced excursion sets the pace, allowing it's nifty ricocheting sequences, slick 808s, and tripped out ear candy to hit the clubs. 'Prisoners features a wiggly bass led jam, plastered with synths and finished with a dash of vocoded vocals. TheAduos ability to illustrate a dense sonic picture is evident once again on 'Cell Block' as intricate razor sharp drum programming holds the ship steady while ominous synths let the head wander before rich melancholic pads blast a sense of perspective and emotive depth.A

Onto the flip side - 'Room And Pillar'Agrabs the bull by the horns with a tough and aggressive bass line driven banger. Shrieking, twisted synth lines and FX are shattered across the track, keeping tension levels peaking, while TR808 rhythms cut through with military precision. Contrasting A'The Neutral Zone' sucks us into a deep atmospheric orbit of blissful yet inquisitive FM synthesis, distant emotive pads, fortified by warm stately bass tones. ARounding off the EP 'Coming Home' exhibits electro minimalism at its finest. An entangled, ever evolving musical conversation between bass and upper register synths leads, filled with a sense of hope and optimism, assisted by meticulous programmed electro drums, reminiscent of the best of Schatraxx.

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