Mndsgn - Rare Pleasure LP [Yellow Vinyl] - Vinyl Record

Mndsgn - Rare Pleasure LP [Yellow Vinyl]

LABEL:   Stones Throw

This is Mndsgn’s first traditional studio album as compared to his repertoire of homemade beat records.

Album contributors include Kiefer, Swarvy, Fousheé, Carlos Niño and more.

‘Rare Pleasure’ is an appreciation of sharing life, inward reflection and the gift of joyful catharsis in the face of adversity.


Rare Pleasure I / Truth Interlude / 3Hands / Divine Hand I / Hope You’re Doin’ Better / Rare Pleasure II / Slowdance / Abundance / Masque / Rare Pleasure III / Medium Rare / Rare Pleasure IV / Colours Of The Sunset / Divine Hand II

Yellow Vinyl, LP, Album

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