PRZ - Blue Box
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1. 01 Blue Box (Clip)
2. 02 Waveatron (Clip)
3. 03 H-Town (With Juju) (Clip)
4. 04 Synt Gone (Clip)
5. 05 I Dont Care (Clip)
6. 06 Synt Gone (Timothy J. Fairplay Remix) (Clip)

PRZ - Blue Box

Emerging From the notorious H-town, PRZ & RAPHA open the gates of their own 'Chateau Royal' Imprint ! First up is PRZ, with Blue Box EP. A strong 6-tracker laying out his powerful and deep electro-ish sounds Including a special collaboration with Gal Juju (Juju & Jordash) plus a remix by UK legend Timothy J. FairPlay ! Enjoy your stay at the Chateau, breakfast is served at 11 AM.

Vinyl, 12", EP