Anderson, Lisene, Adam Pits & Phazma - Viewpoint EP - Vinyl Record

Anderson, Lisene, Adam Pits & Phazma - Viewpoint EP

LABEL:   space lab

space•lab returns with the Viewpoint EP, a collection of breaky warpers, groovy melters and thrashing trance tracks from the outer reaches. Adam Pits returns to the lab with Intergalactic Espionage; a take no prisoners, no holds barred space monster with a driving bassline and a bleepy earworm lead. Tasty Water Stuff by Anderson is typically deep and uplifting, dripping in groove and intricate percussion. On the flip, Deep Learning is Lisene’s dark and brooding pacy breakbeat psy banger. And Phazma rounds things off with Warpgate; a timeless, tunneling synthy broken beat journey which rises and shimmers from start to finish. 

Vinyl, 12", EP

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