Axel F. - Geronimo 12″ - Vinyl Record

Axel F. - Geronimo 12″

LABEL:   Eichhorn

RELEASE DATE: 2021-11-29
FORMAT: 12 Inch Vinyl
GENRE: Synth-pop

Special Instrumental Mix was played by DJ Rolf around midday of Monday 26th March 1990 as the last track of an all night party organized by the Amsterdam Balloon Company at Vagator Beach in Goa, India. The moment was captured on videotape by a guy called Zwick to be digitized and uploaded to YouTube in 2014.

The search for the then unknown track started on Discogs forums in 2019 and was finally completed in February 2021. Short documentary film “The Search for Geronimo” was broadcasted on Intergalactic FM CBS TV in March 2021 and uploaded to YouTube.

Axel Frey used the Yamaha TX816 synthesizer and Yamaha QX1 hardware sequencer amongst others to produce the track in Tonstudio Hoysweg. According to him, his adaptation of the Witchy Woman by Eagles was unconscious and this was the only electronic dance music production he ever made

Vinyl, 12", EP, Reissue

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