Bunzinelli - Godspeed - Vinyl Record

Bunzinelli - Godspeed

LABEL:   La Rama Records

La Rama Records is proud to present four fresh feelers from our friend Bunzinelli. These tracks have weathered the storm of no-fun to provide joy and elation for the living to come... psychedelic feelings to help it all fall back in to place. Bunzinelli has been personally involved in serving sonic treats to the world via his label and mix series Chambre Noire. He was also part of the team behind Cosmic Tones which in 2019 released 'Montreal Pleiades' featuring his first musical outing alongside local major players Priori, Dust-e-1, URA, Temple's M. Salaciak & R. Weng (the wizard behind our first release as Dj Medallion).

You can trust in this one, to be shared far and wide.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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