Harry Roesli - Titik Api [2xLP]
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1. A1 - Sekar Jepun
2. A2 - Merak
3. A3 - Jangga Wareng
4. B1 - Kebo Jiro
5. B2 - Epiloog #1
6. C1 - Proloog
7. C2 - Curah Hujan
8. C3 - Dinding Tulang
9. C4 - Semut
10. D1 - Bunga Surga
11. D2 - Lembe Lembe
12. D3 - Epiloog #2

Lamunai Records

Harry Roesli - Titik Api [2xLP]

Lamunai Records is proud to announce Titik Api, the 2nd opus of the Indonesian master Harry Roesli, recorded in 1975. Political activist, prominent member of the Tradisi Baru Movement (New Tradition) who emerged in the 1970s, Harry Roesli worked with musicians, poets, playwrights who were commited to experimenting indonesian traditional culture. Titik Api is another successful effort to blend Indonesian's traditional instruments, such as gamelan, with Western music from progressive to funky hypnotic groove.

Vinyl, 2x12", LP, Reissue