House of Ho - Ai Ai Ai / Please Hold - Vinyl Record

House of Ho - Ai Ai Ai / Please Hold

LABEL:   Zen 2000

At the end of a crooked, narrow alley, tucked away behind a cluster of spindly palm trees that protect it from the intense, direct Southern California sun and shield it from the persistent dusty haze is the lair of Zen 2000, a new project from a Los Angeles native who's been intimately involved in the city's latest wave of electronic music and Nik Mercer, creative lead behind Let's Play House.

The imprint has set out to, through a tight and concise series of 7-inches, explore spacey textures and ambient colors from an amorphous cast of friends and family members, all either also from L.A. or with a deep spiritual connection to the city.

House of Ho, the name behind this debut single, is a little bit of both, stuck somewhere between the island of Hong Kong and the City of Angels; the pair of tracks included here were written, recorded, and produced between the two cities. Perhaps as a result of claiming both Western and Eastern Hemispheres as their place of origin, the songs sound fundamentally “in between”: in between sprawled-out, wandering ambient and sharply scored instrumental exercises; in between late-night trumpet figurations that twinkle around the Canyons and neon-lit karaoke-bar backing tracks that hit with a particular, sugary snap.

Vinyl, 7"

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