Koji Ono - Ricochet / Maloja Pass - Vinyl Record

Koji Ono - Ricochet / Maloja Pass

LABEL:   Chuwanaga

Parisian label Chuwanaga proudly presents the first opus of its new 12inch series, starting with the brand new EP of Koji Ono. Recorded during a short week-end in Paris, it is the result of a true collaboration, staying true to the original late seventies/early eigthies dance music spirit and the passion of Chuwanaga for the original Britfunk.

On bass, you’ll hear Lester Batchelor aka LB from Atmosfear, the legendary British Jazz-Funk band. Killing it on the drums, Roy Mistry is their 2020 official drummer. Recording together in Studio Delta, with Koji playing almost all the other instruments, they all had a blast collaborating on these two new tracks.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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