Laidlaw / Ben Ulrich / Kesh - Nectar EP
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1. A1. Laidlaw - Be Yourself
2. A2. Ben Ulrich - Bedun
3. B1. Kesh - Enebodiom
4. B2. Kesh - We Love You Michael


Laidlaw / Ben Ulrich / Kesh - Nectar EP

REPRESS ALERT: Hailing from Ibiza, Beeyou makes its first outing as a label with a strong selection of up and coming talent. Laidlaw is first on the scene with a crafty little minimal number that certainly sounds tailored to the up all night crew with its heady atmosphere, playful swing and micro samples. Ben Ulrich's "Bedun" is equally seductive, playing a trade in stripped down electro that shuns obvious dancefloor moves in favour of pure hypnotism. Kesh holds down the B side with two more maximal offerings that still align with the inventive, sleek aesthetics of the A side tracks. "Enebodiom" is a feel good jam without ever resorting to cheesy melodies or vocal touches - it's a jazzed out variation on positivity in house music. "We Love You Michael" completes the record with a quintessential skittering, swinging house cut that keeps the freakiness in abundance and the drums as funky as possible.

Vinyl, 12", EP