LXURY - Smart Digital Life - Vinyl Record

LXURY - Smart Digital Life

LABEL:   Lost Palms

South London based producer Lxury is a subtle experimentalist, pairing house rhythms with eclectic genre blending and risk-taking. Returning to Shall Not Fade’s Lost Palms series for a second record, Smart Digital Life EP shows the maturity and complexity of his production while keeping the energy light and summery.

‘1722’ opens things up with dreamlike pitched vocals that provide a vaporwave feel, hypnotizing over stuttering synths and a wonky beat. ‘Spin’ has an experimental sound palette, a euphoric pulse and a sweet melody, dance music doused in honey. This sweetness spills over onto the B side; ‘Pad Ma’ sounds like a pumping club track meets a trip to the fairground - unstoppably buoyant and headsy. The vocals in ‘When I Wake Up’ spin around your head before a muscular beat kicks in, the most stripped back and raw sounding of the record. This one is certain to get heads down and feet moving. ‘Up High’ is an expansive closing track, built around fuzzy drums as the clever use of vocal samples creates a melody with a loved-up feeling; it’s a tour-de-force of Lxury’s delicate production skills. 

Vinyl, 12", EP

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