Pépé Elle - Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol. 15 - Vinyl Record

Pépé Elle - Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol. 15

LABEL:   Breaks 'N' Pieces

Pépé Elle, a young producer from Paris has been making some serious waves of late, both through his work as label boss at Aurore 404, it’s sub-label 3 Feet Deep Records and his own hard to pigeonhole productions, influenced from various corners of the world. Now the French DJ & producer further dissects the outer reaches of UKG, loaded with dutty rhythms, playful leads and atmospheric backdrops on Cheeky Music Group.

Opening track ‘Hype Dope’ is a skippy exploration of colourful leads and sleekly-pressed rhythms; lyrics ‘break the turntable and flip’ embody a smile before gun-fingers reach for the air. The low-slung and weighty vibe of ‘Unexcusable’ and the acidic tinged ‘CMS We Meet Again’ show Pépé’s ability to connect various sounds while maintaining a continuity across his deep sonic palette.

On the flip ‘Thump’ is a minimal garage gem; the type of track that would work perfectly when warming up a crowd or as a bridge between murkier UK sounds. ‘Long Swelling Wave’ is a straight up dance-floor destroyer, combining heavyweight bass and itchy beats, forming a sea of frenetic energy as day turns to night.

A serious EP from one of Europe's leading underground garage producers.

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