Para One - Spectre - Sundial - Vinyl Record

Para One - Spectre - Sundial

LABEL:   Animal63

Machines of Loving Grace. After ” Shin Sekai ” and its commanding choir and drums, the chilling skies of ” Alpes “, the producer points his arrow towards the heart. The track goes only up, from its hopeful arpeggio, a melodic bassline building higher floors, towering with layers of direct yet fine drawn synth chords. ” Sundial ” is wide and intimate, nostalgic, and confident at the same time. The ” Sundial ” EP offers 3 remixes. Hot Chip draw first with a dance floor ready version, adding their own signature riffs and textures to the original canvas. The ” Nodandanintheokotantan Mix ” by England born / Berlin based Call Super chooses a playful replaying of the whole piece, changed into an array of micro percussions, reshaping the main melody from bits and pieces, until a plain piano enters the frame. Finally, Para One himself reworks ” Sundial ” and reveals even more the versatility of the original track, remodeling it into a manifest to dance, elastic beats and house music stabs in hand.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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