Ratsnake	- Just A Genesis [2xLP] (NM Sleeves) - Vinyl Record

Ratsnake - Just A Genesis [2xLP] (NM Sleeves)

LABEL:   Place No Blame

Ratsnake aka Gesloten Cirkel presents â??Just A Genesis? on the Place No Blame label. An conscious, meditative presentation of single take recordings from recent years. A sequence showcasing the development of techniques and styles that have been touched on and explored through other projects and releases. For the artist and label, this collection of songs represent a timeline of actions and reactions, transforming dusty old memories into perceptible realities in their own right. At its core, this album explores the confines between society and alchemy, and they form part of an ongoing research into the science of idea generation and external reflection. Recommended!

2 x 12" Vinyl, LP, NM Sleeves

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