Ross From Friends - You’ll Understand [Pink Vinyl Repress] - Vinyl Record

Ross From Friends - You’ll Understand [Pink Vinyl Repress]

LABEL:   Distant Horizons

ARTISTS: Ross From Friends
RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-21
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Deep House

To say the release of this EP's tracks is long-awaited would be a terribly gross
understatement, so it's with much fanfare and general HQ excitement that we announce thesophomore release from the monstrously talented Ross From Friends.

Having been circulating on the net for a fair while now, 'Talk To Me You'll Understand'
finally arrives with a fresh mastering, but still thudding along with those scuffed Reebok
drums and soaked into fuzzy, stomach-squeezing low-pass filter. All soft chords, soothing vocals, deep-sea bass and skittering hats.

Middle-man 'Gettin' It Done' is a solid label favourite. Less the full vocal flourishes and more the tinkered & chopped MPC underpinned by more dusty drum work that just grows in impact as the track goes on. One for late running and early morning truckin'.

Last but not least comes the R'n'B-inflicted house jam 'Bootman'. Although it takes a good couple of minutes to get going, this is pure 2016 date playlist vibes. Slip the iPhone into the restaurant system and watch the silk melt down from the walls, the tables coat in velvet and ever-lasting passion effervesce from the heaving masses. Proper nawteeee.

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