Sam Fonteyn - Cavendish Series Vol 2: Frantic - Vinyl Record

Sam Fonteyn - Cavendish Series Vol 2: Frantic

LABEL:   King Underground

ARTISTS: Sam Fonteyn
RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-10
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
GENRE: Funk, Library Music

King Underground have started a cute series of 7" releases that looks back to the golden era of library music. The genre was born as a result of TV, film and radio programs needing music to add drama, atmosphere and mood without the expensive licensing costs of using existing tracks. A wealth of musicians thus recorded endless instrumental tracks of all shapes and sizes and now we're treated to some of the best of them. Sam Fonteyn's 'One Way Trip' comes as warm and cool versions with the first bring a low slung bit of vibes-laced funk and the second a more mysterious piece lead by a flute.

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