Special Touch - Garden of Life
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1. A1. Searching For Your Love
2. A2. Share A Little
3. A3. It's Your Life
4. A4. That Special Touch (625Mix)
5. A5. Thank You
6. B1. Music
7. B2. Garden Of Life
8. B3. Your So Good (Remix)
9. B4. Tonight

Special Touch - Garden of Life

When you talk about UK Street Soul, and the sounds that define it, it’s impossible to look past Special Touch’s first and only album, Garden of Life. A shining example of this often retrospectively termed genre, which loosely categorised black, soul-inspired music with a DIY, bass-driven aesthetic from the late ‘80s to early-mid ‘90s, this impossibly rare record from cult label Top Secret Recordings weaves a unique brand of positivity and musicality across nine uplifting tracks. With original copies never having traded hands for below £100 on Discogs, this fully licensed, remastered reissue for Heels & Souls Recordings debut release will be a welcome sight for many.

Vinyl, 12", LP