Steve Parker - Acid Receptor - Vinyl Record

Steve Parker - Acid Receptor

LABEL:   Triamb

RELEASE DATE: 2022-05-31
FORMAT: 12 Inch Vinyl
GENRE: Techno

The Berlin based techno label, Triamb, comes with a new 12"" 180gr heavy-weight vinyl, featuring four pearls that make proper tension at the dance-floor with an essential force to stand out in the mix with tenacity and groove.

Steve has an undeniable fingerprint that proves his passion for futuristic techno beats with acidic bass-lines and a special talent to create atmospheres that generate hypnosis as his some of his releases on labels like Planet Rhythm, Ovum and Cocoon prove. JP Enfant, who has under his belt some well crafted pearls, signed by labels like DGTL, brings a devastating remix of the track ""Codex"", as a surgical tool that gives proper tension to the mix with a majestic festival spirit. The multidisciplinary artist, Saumeth, who has been reviewed by some specialised magazines including German Faze Mag, delivers a massive remix of the track ""Acid Receiver,"" with an outstanding industrial techno print that reflects Berlin's raw techno spirit, pictured in emblematic concrete built bunkers.

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